lauren talking to the crowd (x)

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Wed, Jul 30 @ 12:45 PM

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Stream BO$$ on Spotify all day long! Since yesterday we got an increase of 100k which is a lot better than what we had been doing! Can we do it again today? Can we get to 2 million by Friday? The more streams the song gets, the more radio will take notice. This is so easy to do so please stream! International Harmonizers make sure to use a US IP address and that the country is set to the US in Spotify. 

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Wed, Jul 30 @ 12:29 PM

we can hear lauren’s high notes in this one! (even tho her voice cracked) 

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BO$$ is one spot away from top 40 on pop radio! As many of you can probably see today’s update was not very good. I don’t think we should all start panicking because of one mediocre update, but I do think we should use this as encouragement and we should go hard with requesting today.

Please go here and request. International Harmonizers use a US IP address. Everyone fill out the forms properly and leave nice messages for the stations! Do as many as you can! If you’re limited on time and you want suggestions on who to request with I would say:

  1. Your local stations.
  2. Some of the biggest stations in the country located at the top of the list (they’ll give us good audience numbers).
  3. Some of the stations toward the second half and bottom of the list. They are smaller stations, but the smaller stations always seem more likely to listen to requests and they will give us spins.

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Wed, Jul 30 @ 11:00 AM
peaceinfinityhappiness: how on earth do you love yourself?? i can be given all the advice in the world and i still can't.


Cause advice doesn’t really help

It comes from within

And you’re not gonna love yourself everyday, and that’s ok too

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Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony's Upcoming Album
Wed, Jul 30 @ 10:50 AM

apparently there’s someone who thinks camila is funny

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@AllyBrooke: A little backstage fun (volleyball emoji where you at)

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